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Avec Jennifer Walshe et Lucy, Wi Watt’Heure # 2 interroge la multiplication des ego(s) et l’émergence d’identités enfouies, en attente. Art genre et sexualité : Quelles sont les stratégies de résistances aux normes, d’émergences à soi.

Avant la balance (1h25)

Le lendemain matin (44’34)

L’opéra XXX_LIVE_NUDE_GIRLS!!! occupe une place centrale dans l’œuvre de Jennifer Walshe, il en est longuement question dans cet entretien, nous publions le texte de la scène 1, à titre indicatif.

Mike – Camille’s boyfriend
Tom – Naomi’s boyfriend
John – Gloria’s boyfriend

Camille’s house. The ground floor contains the kitchen and bathroom, and is edged by a garden. The first floor contains a bedroom. The second floor contains a living room. The third floor is an open-air patio. An oldfashioned lift runs up the leftside of the house.

Opens on the ground floor of the house. Afternoon. The kitchen is to the left, the bathroom to the right.
CAMILLE is seated in the kitchen, slightly crumpled and distant as she speaks on the phone. NAOMI is in the bathroom, going to the toilet and freshening up.
CAMILLE: (resigned, distant and irritable) Yeah……..no……..no, no……..yeah……..yeah, no…….no, no, no……………..no, yeah, yeah…….yeah…
NAOMI: (interjects, from bathroom) Is that Mike?
CAMILLE: Yeah…yeah………..well…..math is hard……..no…..yeah…….okay…….see you later………….yeah……….you…. too. (puts phone down, looks around vacantly)
NAOMI enters the kitchen, cutting into CAMILLE’s thoughts.
NAOMI: What was his deal?
CAMILLE: ……….yeah……(rubs hands over face)………..mmmmmmhhhhhhhh. (more decisively) Okay.
NAOMI: (rummaging in her bag) Can I smoke in here? (takes cigarettes out of bag)
CAMILLE: Yeah……(much more decisive and awake). Yes. Yes. You may.
CAMILLE moves to get NAOMI an ashtray, sits down again.
NAOMI: (lighting up, blowing out smoke) So I hear that there have been more problems.
CAMILLE: Oh God……. (eyes clock)
NAOMI: G said Terry’s in hospital with exit wounds and water on the-
CAMILLE: (cutting in) Fluid-
NAOMI stops talking, looks at CAMILLE until she starts to turn her head back to her.
NAOMI: Whatever. ( A beat, she begins again, briskly) Water on his lung and Miranda had to have five stitches.
CAMILLE: (To self, spacing out) I have four sisters. (To NAOMI, closer to normal) Actually, she had to have seventeen stitches. She’ll be using cover-up for the rest of her life. (shakes her head).
NAOMI: Jesus……..(gestures to blender) Is that new?
CAMILLE: (distracted, gaze drifting from NAOMI) Where is Gloria? I told her…. (snaps out of it, answers NAOMI’S question) Yes…..(drifting again) It’s part of my new Dream House Kitchen……..yeah…….
NAOMI: So where is he now? I mean, don’t you worry? Tom came home late last night, stinking of drink and covered in blood. I got such a fright when-
CAMILLE: (more alert) That’s why you’re here.
NAOMI: What are you talking about?
CAMILLE looks up to her right as she hears GLORIA, ignores NAOMI’S question.
CAMILLE: Ah great, this must be her at last!
GLORIA: Hey! Howsitgoing!
CAMILLE: There you are. Great.
NAOMI: Hey Gloria!
GLORIA: Sorry I’m late. Things at the orphanage were a fucking nightmare today. God! I need a drink. Have you got anything to open this with?
GLORIA produces a bottle of wine – CAMILLE gets up, moves to the counter and gets glasses and a bottle opener.
GLORIA: (to NAOMI) So how did that thing go?
CAMILLE hands corkscrew to GLORIA, puts wine glasses on table and sits down.
CAMILLE: Here you go.
NAOMI: (touches GLORIA’S dress) Where did you get thatIt’s gorgeous…..
GLORIA: Express. Isn’t it pretty? They’re having a big sale on at the moment. I thought it would go nicely with those shoes I have, you know, the green ones with the heels? (GLORIA sits down)
NAOMI: (fingers dress material) Yeah..
GLORIA: (to CAMILLE) So what’s up? You sounded pretty cloak and dagger on the phone!
CAMILLE: (a little tentative, nervous) Okay…..yeah…….(gathers confidence) To the point……….you’re both sick of the fighting, right?
NAOMI/GLORIA: You mean between the men? Hell, yeah. It’s totally fucked up. Somebody’s going to get killed or worse.
CAMILLE: Well, I am too………and I’ve been trying to think of a way to stop it……but……
NAOMI: (cutting in) You know, I tried talking to him about-
GLORIA: -So did I
NAOMI: -wouldn’t listen to a-
GLORIA: -like talking to a fucking wall-
NAOMI: -so frustrating. He just told me to shut up and come to bed-
CAMILLE: (alert) And did you?
NAOMI: What? (pause) Are you high or something?
CAMILLE: No……But did you come to bed?
NAOMI: Well, yeah….what else was I going to do?
CAMILLE: (slams table) EXACTLY ! (calmer) Okay. I’ve been trying to think of a way to fix this….I sort of feel like I’m partly responsible-
NAOMI: For them beating the shit out of each other? Come on….
CAMILLE: Well, yeah….it all started here, you know, in my house-
GLORIA: (confused) What are you talking about?
CAMILLE: The dinner party.
GLORIA: But what’s that got to do with the fighting?
CAMILLE: Because that’s where it all start- (realization dawns) Oh God, I forgot, you weren’t here, were you? Ah….. (CAMILLE’S voice changes, she speaks faster, more rhythmically for this section). Two weeks ago I had a dinner party, in honour of the Princess of Nordland, who was visiting to open the new children’s hospital. It was a nightmare to plan, and I put a lot of work into getting everything right; gold-embossed invitations printed on vellum, ordering flowers in the colours of the Royal House of Nordland, getting Marian Ryan in to do the catering, all this shit, and it all went really well, until after the Princess left. At that stage I thought great, the stress is over I can kick back after a successful party and relax. The ambassador and most of the other guests took off and it ended up with just a few of us left at the table, drinking and talking. Everyone was talking about how impressive the Princess was, and gradually the conversation turned to other minor royalty, and then to royal deaths, and inevitably to Princess Di and that song from her funeral Elton John wrote about her-
NAOMI: He didn’t write it about her, he just-
CAMILLE: I know. Anyway, the guys started arguing about the song. About whether it was any good. About whether he should have changed the words. About whether he should have sung it. About whether it should have been released as a single. All this crap. At first they were having a laugh, but like I said everyone had had quite a bit to drink, and it got more and more serious and the next thing they’re taking off jackets and calling each other outside. It was such a nightmare. I was the hostess. I felt responsible. I tried to stop it, but it was impossible, they wouldn’t listen to me. They drank more, it got worse and worse; finally they ended up outside beating the crap out of one another until the cops turned up.
GLORIA: Wait a second, so you’re telling me the last few weeks have been about an Elton John song? What the fuck?
NAOMI: (to self) -At least it wasn’t over “Crocodile Rock-”
CAMILLE: Yeah. It all just escalated from that night.
GLORIA: Jesus! I thought it was over football……fucking hell…….
CAMILLE: (looks at GLORIA sadly)……I know……but I think I have a way to stop it.
NAOMI: (sarcastic) Really? More charades?
CAMILLE: Piss off.
GLORIA: Well what?
CAMILLE: Ha ha….well……(firmly) No coming to bed.
CAMILLE: No coming to bed. (NAOMI and GLORIA look askance) No coming to bed. No coming to bed! No sex. No snogging. Until the fighting stops.
NAOMI/GLORIA: (pause, then laughter) Nice one. You had us going there. Very funny. Yeah, right. That’d work.
CAMILLE: Seriously……………you said it yourselves, they won’t listen to us……..(drifting) I mean, a lot of the time I don’t think Mike values my opinion at all………..(more resolved) If the three of us do it, after a few days of constant hard-ons maybe they’ll be so desperate for a blow-job they’ll do anything-
NAOMI: You’re serious about this? We don’t put out and it’ll make them stop beating the crap out of one another? You think that? I think they’ll just beat the crap out of us and then each other. I mean, where did you get this idea ? Cosmo’s Guide To Gang Violence? Have you been watching Oprah in the mornings?
CAMILLE gives NAOMI the finger.
CAMILLE: Hhhhhuuuhhh…… (more focussed) Shut up. Come on. It might not make them stop. But it might make them more willing to come to their senses. Or at least talk about what’s been going on.
GLORIA: (to NAOMI, joking) You know, she could have a point. Gives us something to bargain with. The guys kiss and make up, they get to kiss and make out with us.
NAOMI: I don’t know……
CAMILLE: Come on, it’s the oldest most dysfunctional trick in the book. Withholding sex. Don’t tell me you haven’t done it before. What about that Valentine’s Day when you wanted the pink diamond ring and he didn’t get it for you?
NAOMI: Come on, that was with Barry. And it was years ago.
GLORIA: You what?
CAMILLE: Yeah, but you had no problems faking lock-jaw for a week to get what you wanted then. This time round it’s not even for jewellry, it’s so the next Miranda or Terry doesn’t end up in the hospital or worse. You know I’m-
NAOMI: Okay.
GLORIA: You made him buy you a ring?
CAMILLE: I’m only trying to-
GLORIA: A diamond-
NAOMI: Okay!
CAMILLE: -get you to think about-
GLORIA: That is fucked up !
NAOMI: Okay okay okay okay okay okay OKAY. I’ll do it. Sign me up ! No more sex for Tom. Or for me! Whoop-de-doo. Camille’s Peace Plan: leave them alone, and they’ll come home with their dicks between their legs.
CAMILLE: Okay……….Gloria?
GLORIA: I don’t know….it’s one thing to joke about it…
CAMILLE: You love John, and you don’t want him to get hurt, do you?
GLORIA: Of course I love him! Waiting around to see if he’s going to be the one getting beaten up next is killing me.
CAMILLE: Well then why don’t you –
NAOMI: (cuts in) If I’m doing it you’re doing it too!
GLORIA: I suppose it’s worth a try. But I don’t like the idea of having to bargain or manipulate him like that. I can’t just tell him I’m not in the mood. And he knows I just had my period……
NAOMI: I agree. Things haven’t been good. I can’t go home and say I’ve got a headache again tonight. I had a headache last night. He’d be really fucking pissy.
CAMILLE: Well you can both stay here for a few days. That’s all it should take, right? I’ve loads of room……..(to self, oddly) We can try on clothes together…(snaps out of it, addresses NAOMI and GLORIA) But if they come looking for us, no sex till they agree to stop the fighting, right?
GLORIA: I’ll drink to that.
NAOMI: So will I!
CAMILLE, NAOMI and GLORIA lean in and clink their glasses.

Lucy par Stéphane Despax (21’40)

Images de Lucy proposées par Stéphane Despax

boucles, pourlécher – Berlin 2012 – Bertrand Pidance

Brague – Nantes 2012 – Stéphane Despax

Parure – Berlin 2012 – Bertrand Pidance

Références sonores

Site de Jennifer Walshe : http://www.milker.org/

Pour en savoir plus sur l’opéra XXX_LIVE_NUDE_GIRLS!!!


A propos de Grúpat : http://www.cmc.ie/articles/article1799.html

Les musiques de l’entretien sont extraites des albums suivants :

  • Nature Data / IL 05 / Interval Recording

  • Concert Festival sonorités : Historical Documents of The Irish Avant-Garde Vol 1 : Dada. Poèmes sonores des dadaïstes irlandais Dermot O’Leary et Brian Sheridan 1921. Enregistrement sonorités

  • « I : same person/ii : not the same person » extrait de l’album Nature data

  • Grúpat and Jennifer Walshe Songtags ©2009 Jennifer Walshe

  • Grúpat and Jennifer Walshe The Wasistas of Thereswhere ©2009 Grúpat and Jennifer Walshe

  • Excerpts from the installation “The legend of the fornar Resistance by the Parks Service” ©2009 Jennifer Walshe

La pièce Hygiène est visible ici : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdwK4xNKb_U

William Gibson, auteur favori de Jennifer Walshe, voix extraite de : http://www.josefsson.net/gibson/

Site de William Gibson : http://www.williamgibsonbooks.com

Fernando Pessoa, poème lu par Paulo Autran, audible ici : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTO4RJISHL0&feature=related

« Confusion identitaire », Rencontre avec Christophe Bruno, commissaire de l’exposition « Identités précaires », Emmanuel Guez, philosophe et chef de projet à La Chartreuse – Centre national des écritures du spectacle de Villeneuve-lès-Avignon, Inès Sapin, critique d’art, et Cornelia Sollfrank, artiste. http://www.jeudepaume.org/index.php?page=article&idArt=1481

Aimé Césaire lit « Mot », lecture extraite de Voix de poètes III, 23 poètes disent leur texte par Olivier Germain-Thomas Référence : 211803 HMCD-65

Site de Lucy : http://www.despax.eu/

Lien avec Wi Watt’Heure # 1

Pour information, Le volume Subjectivités, Pouvoir, Image évoqué lors de l’entretien avec Anne Creissels, « L’histoire de l’art travaillée par les rapports coloniaux et les différences sexuelles » (publication issue de la journée d’étude organisée par ACEGAMI ) est en ligne à l’adresse suivante :


Wi Watt’heure # 2

Wi Watt’heure # 2 C’est Jennifer Walshe, composition, performance, Irlande, Angela Kent, traduction simultanée, mise en perspective biographique par Lucy, France.
Carole Rieussec, mise en onde, Lionel Palun, mise en ligne.
Pour toutes informations sur Wi Watt’Heure : carole.rieussec(at)free.fr

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